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Cutting-edge Internet commerce courses now available

The University of Illinois at Chicago College of Business Administration has launched two new e-business/e-commerce education programs. The programs, offered through the college's Office of Professional Development Programs, are intended to address the growing demand by managers and information technology consultants who want to excel in the information economy.

"One of the hottest skill sets for any professional in the marketplace today is the combination of business and Internet technology skills," says Eric Perler, director of online services for UIC's MBA programs and one of five program instructors. "Based on our prior research, we know these skills are in huge demand. We're targeting business owners and computer science people who want to learn how to utilize the Internet in their businesses.

"What's unique about our courses is we offer an integrated, cross-functional approach to teaching electronic commerce," he says. "That is, we combine instruction in e-business start-up models with a strong, hands-on lab component. We equip participants with cutting-edge know-how and give them a close-up look at the rapidly changing technology impacting Internet businesses ventures."

The most intensive of the two new programs, the E-Business/E-Commerce Certificate Program, is geared primarily toward working, mid-level business executives who are less familiar with the technical aspects of doing business in cyberspace. The 48-hour course, which will be offered over 8 days between Oct. 22 and Nov. 13, includes overviews of advanced Internet technologies and lectures from industry professionals who describe how they have succeeded, and what they've learned.

A second offering, the E-Business/E-Commerce Professional Workshop, is more of a hands-on course for information technology experts who want to develop e-business applications and Internet Web sites. This 32-hour workshop is already under way.

"We looked at the technology real businesses and professional Web sites are using, and that's the technology we teach in both our certificate program and our workshop," says Cindy Atchley, director of marketing for UIC's MBA and Professional Development Programs. "We give our candidates the nuts-and-bolts on how to successfully set up and run e-commerce applications for their businesses. They'll leave our program having built a basic e-commerce Web site."

Course topics included in UIC's Fall 1999 Certificate Program are: Marketing on the Web, Strategic Planning for Internet Businesses, E-Commerce Technologies, Electronic Commerce, Electronic Transaction Systems, E-Retailing and Internet Security.

UIC's launch into e-business/e-commerce instruction is based on industry statistics that show Internet commerce is growing a very high rate. Total e-business sales were $20 billion in 1998, and are expected to soar to $327 billion by 2002. For these reasons, UIC expects very strong response to its e-business programs among prospective students. In addition, lucrative placement opportunities are expected to expand for students receiving training in e-business, according to some industry insiders.

"This announcement strengthens the fact that UIC continues to offer a leading-edge education that can benefit both its students and the businesses that hire them," says Daniel Spillane, a recruiter and consultant for IBM Global Services in the Chicago Metro Professional Services organization, and a guest instructor at UIC. "The experience our pupils gain will be invaluable."

Spillane, an e-business/e-commerce specialist who helped design UIC's programs, says that, even if students are less-than-technical and want to go through the courses, "at least they will understand what people who work for them are going through." That's important, he says, if you manage people - whether you're a computer professional or a business leader.

"If you're a CEO or a CFO of a company, you can go through this course with an understanding of what technology is all about," he says. "You'll walk away being very educated and able to talk articulately in this arena which many consider to be the next business frontier."

Atchley adds that UIC is well positioned to keep pace with the emerging education needs of business professionals. "These programs are designed for working professionals in the city who don't have the time to go back to school one to two days a week for two years," she notes. "Our programs can be completed in a short amount of time and offer technical training as well as 'face-time' with professionals who actually do this type of work.

"Any executive, manager, entrepreneur or part-timer looking to enrich his or her career opportunities can expect to reap major benefits by enrolling in these programs."

Information about the UIC E-Business/E-Commerce Certificate Program and Professional Workshop is available at or call (312) 996-1226.


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