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July 28, 2000 Contact: Jeffron Boynés (312) 413-8702; jboynes@uic.edu




Will they invent the next Playstation, Nintendo or Pokémon? We don't know, but we do know that youngsters in the "Kids Invent Toys" program will be creating some wild new playthings this summer at UIC.

"Kids Invent Toys" stimulates the creative instincts of children to invent by having them design and build mock-ups of toys, and prepare corresponding business plans and marketing materials, including a Web-based homepage, to showcase their creations.

Twenty-five to 30 grade-school students from Chicago's Near West Side will work with their hands while learning about entrepreneurship and creativity.


July 31 - Aug. 4
9 a.m. - 4 p.m.

Aug. 4
Exhibit of students' projects in a public "Toy Fair"


University of Illinois at Chicago
Behavioral Sciences Building
Computer Lab, room B001
1007 W. Harrison St. (corner of Harrison and Morgan Streets)


Designed as a one-week summer camp, "Kids Invent Toys" is offered by the UIC College of Business Administration in conjunction with Urban Options, a nonprofit organization focused on youth entrepreneurship.

As they develop their toys, participants make presentations to the Toy Factory management team, think through the price/cost structure for their toys, and work with other children in a variety of tasks. The management team reviews their conceptual designs, business plans and mock-ups.

"Kids Invent Toys" encourages participants to continue their development of toys after the program has concluded. It orients them to opportunities to showcase their inventions at the national Toy Hall of Fame and in invention contests and programs. It also empowers them to consider commercialization of their ideas.

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