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May 10, 2001 Contact: Anne Dybek (312) 996-8279; adybek@uic.edu


What do five faculty members at the University of Illinois at Chicago have in common with such influential figures as Plato, Aristotle, Jean-Paul Sartre and W.E.B. Du Bois? Their works all appear in the forthcoming "Norton Anthology of Theory and Criticism" scheduled for release in June.

UIC led all institutions in faculty represented in the prestigious anthology. Harvard University was next with four.

"This is excellent recognition for the individuals whose works were chosen and for the University of Illinois at Chicago because it is indicative of the high caliber of our faculty," said Chancellor Sylvia Manning. "As UIC continues to grow, we are committed to recruiting first-rank scholars. The inclusion of five faculty members in such a definitive text is evidence of our success in meeting that goal."

"Ranging from Gorgias, Plato, and Aristotle to bell hooks, Judith Butler, and Stuart Moulthrop, this anthology collects the most sophisticated and reflective comments on the critical enterprise over the past 25 centuries. No serious student of literature can do without this anthology," said Harvard University's Henry Louis Gates, Jr.

The UIC faculty scholars and their works are:

  • Stanley Fish, dean of the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences, "Interpreting the Variorum."
  • Gerald Graff, associate dean of the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences, "Taking Cover in Coverage."
  • Lennard Davis, professor and head of the department of English, "Visualizing the Disabled Body: The Classical Nude and the Fragmented Torso" from the book "Enforcing Normalcy: Disability, Deafness and the Body."
  • Jane Tompkins, professor of English and education, "Me and My Shadow."
  • Walter Benn Michaels, professor of English, "Against Theory" (co-written with Steven Knapp).

"The Norton Anthology of Theory and Criticism," which took five years to compile and edit, will join the ranks of existing Norton anthologies, which cover such subjects as American literature, poetry and African-American literature. The anthologies are highly regarded for their comprehensive inclusion of works across a vast expanse of eras, genres and ideological movements and their helpful and instructive use of headnotes, bibliographies and annotations.

The Norton anthologies are widely used in college literature and English classes throughout the United States. The publisher, W.W. Norton & Company, estimates that the anthologies are used by hundreds of thousands of students each year.

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