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May 25, 2001 Contact: Bill Burton, (312) 996-2269; burton@uic.edu


Full-time undergraduate students at the University of Illinois at Chicago will have unlimited riding privileges on CTA buses and trains beginning next fall, paid for with a mandatory $75 fee increase. The University of Illinois Board of Trustees unanimously approved the U-pass program for UIC undergraduates at its May 23 meeting in Springfield.

Last fall in an advisory referendum, UIC students voiced their support for joining the U-pass program. In what may be the largest election turnout in campus history, 6,600 students voted online or by ballot. Sixty percent of voters favored the U-pass.

"There's been tremendous support for it," said Arun Reddy, student trustee representing the Chicago campus. "It will make campus even more accessible and the city more available to students."

The pass offers unlimited transportation on the CTA while classes are in session. The program requires a fee of $75 each semester, even for students who never use the pass. Students with disabilities who are unable to utilize existing CTA services may apply for a fee exemption, which will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis by the Office of Disability Services.

With the transportation fee, total per-semester fees for full-time undergraduates at UIC will be $630 in fall 2001.

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