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May 29, 2001  


Q: I never ride the CTA. Why can't I decline to participate in U-pass and save the $75-per-semester fee?
A: U-pass is a mandatory benefit for all full-time undergraduate students at UIC. The CTA can only afford to issue the unlimited-ride U-pass if the campus collects the fee from all eligible students. Only disabled students may apply for a waiver of participation in U-pass.

Q: Are graduate students included?
A: No. Only full-time undergraduate students at UIC will receive U-pass and be assessed a transportation fee to cover the costs of the program.

Q: Why were graduate students excluded?
A: Although graduate students participated in the two referenda that demonstrated strong overall support for U-pass, referendum results did not delineate graduate and undergraduate voters. Elected representatives of graduate student government told us support for U-pass was not as strong among graduate students.

Q: Is U-pass accepted on Pace buses?
A: No, U-pass is a program of the CTA and is only accepted on CTA buses and trains. Pace does not offer a similar program. However, disabled students (the only eligible students who may opt out of U-pass participation at UIC), whether they opt out of U-pass or not, can apply to the Regional Transportation Authority for reduced fares on CTA, Pace, and Metra rail.

Q: How do I get my U-pass?
A: These details will be worked out in the next few weeks. Even if you've never ridden CTA before, we hope your U-pass encourages you to discover and enjoy Chicago's incomparable neighborhoods and cultural attractions.

More U-pass questions and answers are online.

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